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JD Glass & Door Company


Great Monday!

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 4:23 PM
Wrapping up the day today and I have to say it was an all around success! Managed to get all of our work done and it was a beautiful day as well! Made it to the warehouse around 6:45am and started cleaning out the truck. Once one of my coworker's came in, we laid a 72" x 130" piece of glass on the table to cut for a job in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Once on site, we had to take down a boardup which was covering up a smashed window. We had to carefully cut out the broken window in many small chunks to minimize the risk of anyone getting hurt. Piece by piece we finally we able to get all of the glass out successfully. Once we cleaned up the opening it was time to install the new window! We took the poles of the truck, put the suction cups on the glass, and positioned the glass in front of the window opening. After re-positioning our suction cups, we were able to lift the glass and place the glass in the opening with precision. The last thing to do was re-install the gasket and clean the window. It was another job well done by JD Glass & Door. 

So, if you need a glass repair, door repair, or new storefront give JD Glass & Door a call at 215-332-3000!

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Categories: Door Service, fun