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JD Glass & Door Company


Richard Branson

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 9:27 PM
Over the past few years I’ve been really into biographies. I recently started reading a book on Richard Branson called “Losing my Virginity”. Definitely a catchy title for a guy who started a company called “Virgin”.  I’ve been fascinated by him for a long time now and I’m not exactly positive why. One possible reason is because although he is dyslexic, he manages to still be one of the most successful businessmen ever. Between hard work and the willingness to take risks he was able to achieve all of the financial goals he had as well as other personal goals along the way. One of my favorite stories about him is when he took his girlfriend at the time to go look at an island for sale; if you were a serious buyer, they would take you on a private helicopter tour of the islands so you could check them out. With only about 200K available to him, he made the call to check out some of the islands. They took him and his girlfriend around in the helicopter when the salesman was ready to start talking money. When Richard heard the asking price of 1.2 million, he told the salesman he only had 200K that he could offer. The helicopter quickly turned around to take them home.  After a few months, he finally got a call back saying that they were finally willing to take the offer and drop all the way down towards his original offer.

Seems with certain things you never know what kind of deal you might be able to get if you’re in the right plac at the right time. Here at JD Glass & Door, it’s always the right place and time for our customers! Whether it’s a new storefront, glass repair, door repair and anything in between, give us a call at 215-332-3000.

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