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Posted on March 9, 2018 at 2:46 PM
If I'm completely honest, I've never been a huge fan of Carl in "The Walking Dead". He always struck me as a whiney little brat. With the constant complaining and always getting himself into trouble, it was like he was trying to get eaten by the walkers. Then, the fact that he should've been gone a while ago from the gunshot didn't make his cause much better. Then he goes and gets bit by the stupid walkers eight seasons in. I think it's a terrible way to send him out on a show where he played an integral role. I personally think he should've been killed by Simon. Give him the decency to go down fighting but I guess that would nullify everything that he stood for in the show, in wanting to bring peace between the two groups.

Now, we have Rick saying "I'm gonna kill you" to Neagan. Dude, you've been saying that forever and he's done nothing but ravage your entire life. Maybe you should take a break and see what their group is all about. Obviously, they have a large group of dedicated people willing to fight for their safety. Don't you think it might be a good idea to join forces and have even more people? What's the difference if your group name is "The Saviors". I'm all for never giving up but sometimes you should really just take a step back and make sure the only thing your fighting for insn't just your pride. Now that Carls' gone, that's the only thing he's fighting for at this point. There's no reason to build a group at this point, so, either join their group or go out and live in the wilderness with Michonne for the rest of time.

This is just my opinion on the matter. Carl deserved better and that's the bottom line. And that's coming from a non-Carl fan. So, TWD asaide, if you need a new storefront, glass repair, door repair or anything along those lines give JD Glass & Door a call at 215-332-3000

JD Glass & Door -"Providing peace of mind"

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