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JD Glass & Door Company


Flyers / sixers

Posted on April 11, 2018 at 9:45 PM
What the hell, Flyers! How are you going to give up 7 (at the moment of writing this) goals in the opener of the playoffs? We’re playing our arch rival and you guys put up a total dud. I mean, we came into the playoffs pretty hot and this is what happens. I know Pittsburgh has had our number all year but once the playoffs roll around you need to start fresh and put the best foot forward. After seeing the eagles and Villanova win it all I thought for sure that it might’ve rubbed off on them. Hopefully they turn it around for game 2 and show everyone what they’re actually made of and not the bs outing they gave tonight. I guess it’s also only game 1.... it is a seven game series after all. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a Debbie downer. 

Aside from the flyers, how about the sixers absolutely killing it! In what’s looking like a potential 16 straight and 52 wins overall, they might be the biggest surprise this season. They’ve gotten consistently better with what seems like every single game. It’s really cool to watch such a young team grow and learn together throughout the season. Without bias, I honestly think the sixers will be one of the most fun teams to watch over the next few years. You literally can’t do better than embiid and Simmons as the pillars of your franchise moving forward.

But let’s get back to business here! If you’re in the market for automatic doors, a new storefront, glass repair, or door repair give JD Glass & Door a call at 215-332-3000. We will without a doubt have you covered with whatever it is that you might need. You can look on our Instagram page to stay updated on the projects that we’ve completed or are in the process of finishing.

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