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Posted on February 27, 2018 at 8:53 AM
I got a call from daycare yesterday saying that my son wasn’t acting himself. They said he wouldn’t participate and had a bad runny nose. They suggested that even though he didn’t have a fever, I should keep an eye on him when I picked him up.

He’s had bad allergies for about the past year so I’ve been used to this. So, I picked him up and true to what they said, he was looking a little rough. Boogers all over his face and his black sweatshirt covered in more dried boogers. It’s funny how little kids totally turn into little snot factories haha. So, we’re on our way home and I can’t help but feel bad for the little guy. He has this exhausted look on his face as he asks for a wipe so he can blow his nose, I don’t think there’s much that will bring him around - not even cookies.

We make it back home and although he’s still looking a little rough. After getting upstairs he goes and sits in his room and plays while I try to get dinner ready for the two of us. After I got everything ready, I went back and played PJ Masks with him. He was still looking a little tired when I got a phone call; it was “pop-pop”. He seemed to know right away who it was and, when his suspicions were confirmed, his face lit up like the sun shining on a warm summer day. It was with a single phone call that he want from feeling run down to the high energy kid that does backflips and somersaults (don’t these kids get dizzy?) all day long.

Eventually, my dad made it over to play with brucie and they had an absolute blast! We played catch with the football, wrestling, and had a fun scaring each other!as the night was beginning to wind down they sat down and watched “choo-choo eggs” - don’t ask - on the tv. After a few videos it was time for bed as pop-pop had to go home and brucie had to get some rest for school. Brucie never wants my dad to go but he is always so good about it - he’ll go over and give him a hug, then say “see ya later, pop-pop”. 

Then, after the action has died down, we read a book together and get ready for bed. As we read I can visibly see the action of the day start to wash over his face as he fights to keep his eyes open. Before I know it, he’s hanging out in la-la land probably dreaming about cookies and animals haha. Children are the perfect example of persistence. No matter what it is, the always keep pushing. As we get older I think people forget how to fight for the things they want and let people dictate who they are or should be as people. Never forget that we all have that same persistent child in us - we just have to find him again some time.

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