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Posted on March 4, 2018 at 7:48 PM
Sunday started off pretty quiet. My son woke me up and forced me to watch videos on my phone with him. After what felt like hours, I was able to wake up and brew a pot of much needed coffee. Once I got it going, I threw on some more cartoons on my laptop. They’re actually not really cartoons; more like kids playing with toys haha. Either way, he loves it and I’m happy to watch his videos with him! After a few cups of coffee we had some bagels and waffles for breakfast. It didn’t last too long because he’s on a trend of not eating anything lol. 

We took a walk to the playground but my failure as a parent today was not recognizing the windchill factor. We were walking and I couldn’t believe how cold it was with the windchill. By the time we got to the playground his little fingers were frozen. On top of the frigid wind chill, there was bird poo all over everything.....literally! It seemed like a bad combination between that stuff and the boogers dripping out of his nose haha.once home I gave him a bath which lasted forever because of the toys he chose to bring in the tub. I’m sure any parent knows the struggles of my day today! 

After our bath it was time for a nap so he could go hang with his cousin for his great grand moms birthday party. We woke up and got ready. After a short ride we ended up at his mothers house. His excitement was all over! He absolutely loves his cousin Tyler! Anything that makes him happy - without anything that might cause harm - I’m all for! That little guy is my source of inspiration everyday! As I get older, sometimes I forget what my purpose is. It’s easy to forget sometimes but whether it’s music, a show, or your child to remind you, don’t forget what your purpose. Otherwise, you’ll wander around aimlessly which will set a bad example for the child you’re trying to raise. Like they say, be the change you want to see in the world! 

I’m not exactly the best at blog writing but maybe I’ll get there in time. Until then, call JD Glass & Door for all of your glass repair, door repair, new storefront and glass replacement needs at 215-332-3000

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